Monday, December 26, 2011

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Thursday, December 22, 2011


It is very difficult for many regular people, scientists, student visas, H1B visas to get into the USA these days as opposed to the past history of the USA which used to make securing the best talent in the world and attracting the best and the brightest students to live and work in the United States one of the goals of the most free country in the world.
Some applicants have been forced to wait up to 1 year for approval.  The best minds in the world have been delayed, and put to wait for long periods of time often without reason.  They seek to be admitted to the USA and are truly unable to get Visa Approval of any type. 
In May of this year the US State Department added staff to assist in improving the processing of student visas, H1B Visas and other type of professional visas for incoming highly skilled immigrants, many of them the brightest scientists of our time.
When the applicant is from certain countries a security check is required.  However, currently there is a ten day processing deadline for the US Visa application staff to process incoming visa for these selected visa types.  The Visa Mantis security check is being given quickly to top scientists, but this is the only exception to the rule.
Specialized visa approval can take up to one month. The US State Department meets regularly to improve the processing of regular visas.  Those meetings are held with the Department of Homeland Security.  Additionally, the bureaucratic list of complications to only apply are next to impossible. It shouldn't be this complicated.
The easiest way to secure a visa and a permanent residence in the USA is to apply for the US Diversity Visa Lottery.  This way you can secure your visa easily and quickly with a potential chance to actually Live and Work in the USA without the extensive paperwork or intense qualifications required by the other visa types which are also non-.permanent.  Every year 55,000 immigrants from various countries around the world are chosen to participate in the US Visa Lottery. Not all countries are eligible for the US Visa Lottery but many countries are able to apply.
Other types of Visas require complicated conditions. All applications except the US Green Card Lottery requires that you prove that you have a way to get back to your home country. Once the visa expires the visa applicant must return home within 2 years.  Students, Scientists and Post docs must also prove that they are able to return home.
Employment-visa applications have many problems as well. There are only 65000 employment visas issued and the requirements are very difficult.  Visa Applications are accepted each year from 1 April. If the applicant reaches the 65000 person cap before their application is reviewed they have to reapply next year and can risk loosing their job.
The Congress is currently considering US Visa Reform but has not yet voted to change anything as of yet. The current potential reform will require months and months of debate before it is passed or potentially reformed at all.